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Ashok Mathur reading

>Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:13:51 -0500 (EST)
>From: az421@freenet.carleton.ca (Rob McLennan)
>To: az421@freenet.carleton.ca
>Subject: Ashok Mathur reading
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>Calgary writer Ashok Mathur reads from his new novel, Once Upon an
>Elephant (Arsenal Pulp Press) this thursday at the national library, at 8pm.
>Ashok Mathur is completing his Ph.D in English at the Unversity of
>Calgary. An editorial board member of absinthe, he was a co-founder of
>disOrientation chapbooks and is an active member of the Writers Union of
>Canada. he has curated exhibitions of book art in Banff & Vancouver. his
>book of poetry, Loveruage: a dance in three parts was published in 1993.
>poet/editor/publisher...editor, Missing Jacket & STANZAS magazines...
>publisher, above/ground press...coordinator, WHIPlash poetry festival &
>Ontario rep, The League of Canadian Poets...snail-mail c/o rob mclennan, 
>rr#1 maxville on k0c 1t0     * editor, Written in the Skin (Insomniac Press)
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