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Feb.7: Earth*tones: the drum & dance circle

Earth*tones: the drum & dance circle
Sunday February 7,14,21,28  * 3-5:30pm
Arts Court, 2nd floor, Court 3, 2 Daly Avenue (@ Nicholas), Ottawa

* $2 suggested donation  * all ages 
* bring a drum, or other acoustic musical instrument if you have one
* donations cover cost of the room, & help OPIRG-Carleton's
Forestry Group oppose clearcutting in Ontario's old-growth forests
* for more info: 567-7244

[Earth*tones: the manifesto, part 1]

Calling all hepcats and technobrats,
tree-huggers and tree-shruggers

Luddites and hermaphrodites,
uptights and troglodytes,
wobblies and commies, 
daddies and mommies

Hippies and yippies,
ravers and cravers,
feminists, socialists,
syndicalists and contortionists

Come one and all, or not at all

Wear no clothes or pick your nose
just come to the drum jam
and see how it goes

Bring your djembe or ukulele,
your guitar or your sitar,
your flute or your lute!

Bring your bongas and your congas,
your mandolin or your violin,
your saxophones and your xylophones!

Just get on down
and DRUM and DANCE at the DRUM JAM!

- Mike Buckthought, ag270@freenet.carleton.ca
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