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DEMO: Premiers meet tomorrow over Social Union

the heads of every province in the country will be meeting tomorrow (thursday)
at the pm's home to discuss the social union agreement. members of cupw, ocap,
tao and other community activists will be heading there at noon to demand that
the pm meet with us over the issues outlined below. we will be gathering in the
parking lot behind CUPW at 11:30 before the action tomorrow. CUPW is at the
intersection of bank and lewis (a couple of blocks south of sommerset)

this will be a lead up action to the events next wednesday.

The Chretien Government has made sure people don't have decent places
live or enough to feed themselves or their families.  The Liberals have
gutted Unemployment Insurance, scrapped social housing, and have
encouraged Provincial Governments to steal money off of family welfare
cheques under the guise of National Child Benefit.

There is no question who our enemies are and on Tuesday, February 9th
and Wednesday, February 10th busloads of poor and homeless people will
be coming to Ottawa to stand against them.  We hope that Ottawa will
join us in the struggle for decent housing and decent income.  No more
deaths. No more kids going hungry!

Wednesday, February 10th
10:00 AM
at the foot of Parliament Hill

In cooperation with the responsible people of the Mohawk Nation
and Le Comite des Sans Emplois - Montreal

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
at 236-7238 xt 7906 or (416) 925-6939

It is the responsibility of all of us to stand up and fight for what we

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