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summary of upcoming tao-ottawa meetings and events

fri feb 5 6:30pm
@nunatak (3-200 cooper st at elgin):
for those interested in reviving the radio show (demockery's demize) which airs
every monday from 5-6 on 89.1 CHUO.
a couple of people have offered to help out but more are welcomed.
many hands, light work
more info 236-4103 or ron@tao.ca

monday feb 8 7:30pm
@cafe whim (sussex and rideau)
radical reading group- this weeks text: Kropotkin's "The State: Its Historic
Role" available at http://users.dhp.com/~axis/tsihr/
mail kt@istar.ca (katie) for info.

wednesday feb 10 10am
@parliament hill
OCAP bringing homeless delegation to meet with chretien
more info: sue collis 236-7230x7906 OR scollis@CUPW-STTP.ORG

thursday feb 11 6:30pm
@nunatak (see above)
DirectAction working group meeting
will be discussing the feb 24th "GIVE 'EM HELL AT BELL!" action amongst other
for more info: briane@tao.ca or 237-6278 Brian

saturday feb 13 7pm
a new animal rights group is forming
come out to discuss veganism, fur protests, consumer boycotts of animal tested
products etc.
for more info: pacifism@tao.ca (Ben)

monday feb 15 7:30pm
@153 Nepean apt 307 buzz 0307
video night: Undercurrents from the UK
video activists covering topics such as:

Road Protests
The World Bank
Freedom to Party
Police Surveillance

this is a video from a couple of years ago but is still relevent.
this may lead up to a second night (fundraiser at saw gallery?) when phil gets
back with newer material.
for more info: ron@tao.ca or 236-4103

tuesday feb 16
possible road trip to guelph to see chompsky in a benefit for the student
activist news paper, ETAN and Democracy Street (sprAyPEC)
more info: ron@tao.ca or 236-4103

wednesday feb 17 6:30
tao-ottawa general meeting
details to follow

did i miss anything?


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