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Youth Speak Out on Climate Change (fwd)

**Apologies for cross-posting**

Veuillez contacter Lani Innes a linnes@iisd.ca pour ce message en Français.

**Climate Change Youth Café - Young Canadians Speaking Out on Climate

Are you a young Canadian who cares about our future? About youth issues?
About the environment?

The Climate Change Youth Café is a place where young Canadians can meet
on-line to discuss our climate crisis: what it is and how it will affect
ourselves, our friends, our families and communities. 

This is your opportunity to find out more about climate change and to share
your thoughts:
*What can we do about it? 
*How do we let our friends know about climate change? 
*What do we need to know about climate change? 
*How can we work together?

** Join the Climate Change discussion forum and get your voice heard!**
< http://iisd.ca/youth/internetcafe/forumstart.htm>

Climate change will change our future - our jobs, our local environment, our
health and the way we live. This will be an awesome opportunity for you to
talk about what matters to you with other young people across Canada and
around the world. You will make a difference: you can spread the word and do
something about climate change. Your contribution will also shape Canada's
Youth Strategy for Public Outreach on Climate Change.

Share your ideas on the discussion forum from February 2 to March 26, 1999.

For more information, please contact Lani Innes as  <linnes@iisd.ca> 

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