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OPIRG meeting

The is an organizing meeting for a March 2 event Thursday (Feb. 18) at noon
at OPIRG.  Violeta Perez will be here from the Dominican Republic to talk
about her work organizing against sweatshops.  She is co-founder of the
group "La Zonera" who is organizing for human rights and social justice in
the Dominican.  This will be part of International Women's Week at Carleton.

We will need
-postering teams
-media faxing teams
-hosting (accompanying her to meetings with other groups in Ottawa)
-set-up team - slides, sound system
-co-sponsors contact

-of course, organizing committee will be invited to a special dinner/lunch
with her

call 520-2757 for more info.
see you thursday at noon at OPIRG, 326 Unicentre
Heather (Farrow)

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