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Subject: Macleans Ad on nuclear disarmament
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On 2/17/99 at 8:28 PM, Debbie Grisdale <pgs@web.net> wrote:

> PGS is launching a project to get 1000 sponsors, at $30 a piece, for a full
> page ad in the April 4th issue of Macleans magazine. The ad will be a
> message to the government that we want leadership on nuclear disarmament in
> NATO and the UN. The 1000 names will be in small print and blended in with
> the text.
> The April 4th issue will be in the public's hands (and the Prime Minister'
> office and all other Ministers' offices) by the previous Monday, March
> 29th.  It is also our plan to fax a copy of the ad to the Prime Minister's
> and Ministers Axworthy's and Eggleton's offices as soon as we can after
> March 22, so that they see it as soon as possible and know it is coming in
> Macleans.
> Your $30 will go only to the placement of this ad. We will also promote
> this through a mailing to our own membership.
> Please spread the word beyond this listserv.
> Anyone who is interested in having their name appear in the ad and will pay
> the non-tax creditable $30 is welcomed. The deadline for receiving your
> name is March 22. Please send your cheque made out to PGS, marking clearly
> "Maclean's Ad". VISA and Mastercard are also accepted!! DEADLINE: MARCH 22
> If you need more information about this project, contact Helmut Kuhn at
> <hkuhn@web.net>.
> Debbie
> P.S. Macleans' readership is more that 2 million...........
> ***********************************
> Physicians for Global Survival
> #208-145 Spruce St.,
> Ottawa ON CANADA,  KIR 6P1
> tel: 613 233 1982/fax: 613 233 9028
Al Banner

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