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Volunteer Opportunity With Steel (fwd)

> 	The United Steelworkers of America Retail Wholesale Division are
> looking for volunteers who will concentrate on organizing bargaining
> units in the fastest growing segments of the economy. For this position
> you must be acutely aware of the challenges facing young people, ethnic
> minorities, and women at work. Your work will involve the application of
> dynamic and innovative strategies that will capture the attention of
> employees in the grocery, restaurant, retail and service sectors of the
> economy. This will be a demanding position which will require you to be
> resourceful and persistent. 
> 	In order to prepare you for the challenges of this opportunity,
> extensive training will be provided (with no cost to you) you will also
> work closely with other Steelworkers Staff Representatives and
> Organizers. This volunteer position is an opportunity to express what
> you believe to be the most appropriate relationship between labour and
> capital. It is also your opportunity to contribute to a vision of
> industrial democracy for the twenty first century. The United
> Steelworkers of America strongly encourage the application of all who
> are interested in this position. A background of activism, experience
> and education concerning social justice and an ability to communicate in
> french will be an asset; however they are not a requirement for this
> position. Strong candidates may be considered for an eventual employment
> opportunity.
> If you are interested in working for change and contributing to the
> welfare of others please apply!
> Deadline for application: March 30th, 1999.
> Contact: Kevin West United Steelworkers of America
> Tel: (613) 226-3844
> Email: kwest@chat.carleton.ca
> Forward your Resume to the attention of:Kevin West
> 					United Steelworkers of America
> 					#408-1435 Prince of Wales Dr
> 					Ottawa, Ontario.
> 					K2C 1N5

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