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Suzuki Speaks to GE Activists

Geneticist David Suzuki will be speaking to GE (Genetic Engineering)
activists on March 11, 1999 at 7pm. Here's the location:

Room 11
McConnell Engineering Building
McGill University.

David will be giving tips on organization and strategy. If you know any
biotech activists or anyone who would like to get involved, please pass the
word around.

This event is being organized by Biotech Action Montreal, a working group
of QPIRG-McGill and GRIP-UQAM.

Bradford Duplisea
Sierra Club of/du Canada
1 rue Nicholas, Suite #412
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7B7
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Work Fax:  613.241.2292
Home Tel:	 819.770.1626
General Email:  brad@pei.sympatico.ca
Home Email:  brad@tao.ca

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