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City of Ottawa Y2K information meeting, Mon 8th

[Just found out about this! Note that the location is the Public Library
right behind Carlingwood Mall, the 96 bus takes you right there from
downtown off the transitway. Best to call and register, fair bit of
interest. Terry]

Office of the Councillor
Britannia-Richmond Ward OT1	Bureau du Conseiller
Quartier Britannia-Richmond OT1111 Sussex Drive
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 5A1
(613)	244-5351
Fax	244-5373
	111, promenade Sussex
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 5A1

Y2000: Hype or Happening
Will We Be Ready??
Monday March 8, 1999
Carlingwood Library
(corner of  Woodroffe and Saville Row)
7-9 p.m.

Every day we read and hear news reports about the impending Y2000 computer
•	Will it be as serious as predicted?
•	How will it affect you personally?
•	What are the global issues?
•	Will your business be affected?
•	How well are we prepared to handle it locally?

To answer some of these questions, we have put together the following 

Guest Panel:
	Linda Black, Director of Corporate Management, City of Ottawa

	Tom Hope, Y2000 Project Director, City of Ottawa

	Peter Liu, Director of Management Information Systems, Ottawa Hydro 

	Danielle McDonald, Manager of Business Process, Y2000 Branch, City of Ottawa
	Bill Syrros, Research Director, Peter de Jager & Co.

Moderator: Councillor Ron Kolbus
For more information or to register, call 244-5351.
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