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wed. march 10: opirg-carleton forestry meeting

hi everyone,

this is just a reminder about the next opirg-carleton forestry meeting:

wednesday march 10, 7pm @ opirg-carleton, 326 unicentre, carleton u.

we'll be talking about how the lands for life demo went (in case you
missed it, it went really well... 60-70 people showed up and we
distributed over 400 pamphlets and factsheets, all on tree-free hemp paper).
and of course we'll be talking about what's happening next, such as:

- march 24: opirg's annual meeting:
looks like we'll do the skit again, if everyone's into it? 
- grassy narrows first nation talk
- the next protest
- how to make lands for life an election issue

for more info, contact opirg-carleton's forestry group @ 520-2757.


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