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APEC: Two protesters speak at Carleton, March 12

Come out to hear two protesters from the APEC incident on March 12, at 1
PM, in room 149B Loeb at Carleton University.  (For directions call
520-2757)  Garth Mullins and Alissa Westergard-Thorpe will be speaking
about APEC, the RCMP Public Complaints Commission and Globalisation.  If
you have been curious about the latest developments from the PCC,   why the
students were protesting at UBC, why this incident is a threat to democracy
in Canada, then come out to this speaking event organized by
OPIRG-Carleton's Economic Justice Group.

What you can do to make this event a success:
	* Come to this event, and bring a friend
	* Forward this message to anyone you think might be interested.
	* Volunteer to staff one of our APEC information tables (tentative dates:
March 8 and 9 in 	   	  Bakers Lounge)  If you are interested contact Jason
at 234-5579 or email jason@bombshelter.ca
	* Make an anouncement about this event in one of your classes.  Or ask the
prof to.
	* Volunteer to help poster (Drop by the OPIRG Office, 326 Unicentre, for
more info)

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Jason at 234-5579.
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