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The Food Supply Chain and the Year 2000 Problem

"The Food Supply Chain and the Year 2000 Problem." 

What: a weekend forum 
When: April 9-11
Where: Ottawa, Canada, TBA
Price: Sliding-scale TBA

Object: create an Ottawa Valley taskforce to complete a transition to
sustainable food and seed supplies by 2001. Gain popular support for
boosting food production, and aim for sufficiently little hunger and other
suffering that social cohesion is preserved, in order to organize future
plantings, harvests, processing, bulk storage and delivery of food under
rapidly changing and challenging living conditions. 

We are looking for speakers on food supply and production, and participants
from all over the Ottawa Valley and beyond. Join us in making this Forum a
success. See our Bio-Regional Preparedness webpage,
http://y2k.inode.org/p-bioreg.htm for a Supporting Statement, updates on
this Forum, and other citizens groups engaged in sustainable food
production. Or contact us for more information.

Best wishes,

Terry Cottam, President
Y2K Regional Preparedness Group
Y2K Centretown Preparedness Contact
(613) 236-6433

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