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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 19:55:31 -0500
From: chris ratcliffe <imbroke@ICAN.NET>

The SFUO has gotten their act together and have organized a rally to take
place Thursday March 18 at 10:30 am in front of Tabaret Hall.  There will be
Kraft Dinner available for purchase so that people can give our rector the
opportunity to have a student meal.
In addition to this rally there is a petition circulating, see SFUO, CMN or
other student associtions or come find me (Chris Ratcliffe) I carry the
petition with me.  This petition calls for the Board of Governors (Vote for
ME) to stop increasing Tuition.  The rally coincides with a meeting that our
esteemd leader Scott Anan-Kalar will be having with Rector Hamelin on the
issue of Tuition increases and deregulation.
I attended a meeting (pep rally) last night and Scott is extremely well
prepared for this fight.  I am impressed and hopeful.
Tell all your friends, tell a whole bunch.  Let's show up en masse and start
off this fight with a bang.
forward this email to people or send your own.  the more people we have and
the more signatures we have the greater impact we'll have.
I know some of you are thinking that there is no way that we can force them
to maintain the tuition levels.
As Scott pointed out; in 1964-65 tuition levels were comparable to what they
are now circa $3600/yr.  Students rose up and forced the issue and made
tuition an issue with the public and new government.  Not only did the
increases stop, it dropped, eventually to less than a thousand per semester.
 Since 1988 tuition has gone up 144% and I for one think that is enough.
It is time to take a stand and it is time to take a stand together.  If we
all work together on this issue we can and we will make ouselves heard, at
this school and across the province.
If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact Scott at the Fed.
 His email is on the fed site off of the university page.
Chris Ratcliffe
613-237-8797          email imbroke@ican.net
"People tend to want to follow the beaten path. The difficulty is that the
beaten path doesn't seem to be leading anywhere" -Charles M. Mathias Jr.
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