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Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD Canada) Recruitment

Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD Canada) is currently
recruiting outstanding Canadians, from diverse sectors and disciplines, with
a clear capacity for long-term leadership, to participate in its next cycle
of training, commencing in October 1999.

Currently in its fifth year, LEAD Canada is a two-year training program
executed by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy and
funded in partnership with Canada's International Development Research
Centre and the Rockefeller Foundation. LEAD Canada is one of twelve member
programs that currently participate in the LEAD Program, from countries and
regions including Brazil, China, the Commonwealth of Independent States,
Europe, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Southern

Two national and two international training sessions ground participants in
Canadian and global sustainable development issues. Benefits to
participating include: 

*	participation in a professional development program valued between
CDN $30,000 to $40,000, with 50 training days over a two-year cycle; 
*	entry to an innovative national and global network of leaders;
*	access to highly skilled and prominent trainers in leadership,
conflict resolution and negotiation, cross-cultural effectiveness and
effective communication; and
*	access to the most prominent thinkers in the area of sustainable

Up to 15 mid-career Canadians (generally aged 30-40) are selected each year.
They come from the public and private sectors, NGOs, media, labour and other
people's organizations, and academia. Participants do not require specific
expertise in environment and development to apply.  Please see the LEAD
Canada web site for further information about the program and application
requirements:  http://www.nrtee-trnee.ca/lead.   Alternatively, contact
Donna Chiarelli, Training Officer, should you wish to discuss the program in
more detail: (613) 995-7519. 

Deadline for applications is May 1st. 

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