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Dudley George Vigil - March 17 - Parliament Hill

Justice for Dudley George!
Coalition puts pressure on Jane Stewart to call inquiry
March 17, 1999

March 16, 1999

The Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George is
holding a vigil at Parliament Hill on March 17, 1999. The purpose of the vigil
is to honour the memory of Dudley George who was killed in 1995 by the Ontario
Provincial Police during a peaceful protest. March 17 is Dudley's birthday. He
would have been 42 years old.

The day will begin at 6:00AM with a sunrise ceremony and continue until sunset.
If people can't make it down for the day, they are encouraged to show support at
6AM, at 12:00 noon and again at 5PM until sunset. Speeches will be focused on
these times.

Speakers will include:
    Louise Hardy (NDP-MP and Critic on Indian Affairs)
    Paul Skanks (the elder who will perform the sunrise ceremony)
    Jim Eagle (Ojibwe tribe)
    Pablo Leal (Ottawa Committee for Solidarity with Chiapas)
    Dave Bleakney (National Rep. Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
    Rev. Sharon Moon (First United Church)
    Other members of the Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley


Each speaker will make statements calling on Jane Stewart to initiate a public
inquiry into Dudley's death. A statement from Pierre George (Dudley's brother)
will also be read.

Drummers will be performing spiritual music throughout the day.
If you plan on staying for an extended period of time, you are encouraged to
bring a lawn chair. Food Not Bombs will provide vegan meals for participants.
The forcast is saying we are in for a high of 7degrees!

For more information about the vigil contact ron collins at 236-4103

URL: http://www.web.net/~inquiry/


March 4 - Ontario Court's General Division decided that Mike Harris and two
senior cabinet ministers must testify at civil case being brought against them
by the George family and answer allegations that they were personally involved
in directing the police response to the protest at Stoney Point (Ipperwash
Provincial Park).

March 12 - Osgoode Hall Law Professor Bruce Ryder released a legal opinion which

indicates Jane Stewart (Federal Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern
Development) is clearly responsible for calling a public inquiry into the death
of Dudley George. Ms. Stewart has previously stated that she would like to help
but that the issue was out of her jurisdiction.

March 13 - Ann Pohl of the Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of
Dudley George stated that if Ms. Stewart fails to initiate the inquiry
immediately, the coalition will take their complaint directly to the United

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