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OPIRG Research Bursary

Attention all Carleton graduate and honours thesis researchers:

OPIRG-Carleton is offering a $500 research bursary to cover costs for
social justice and/or environmental research.  If you have had costs due to
phoning, faxing, transportation, etc. because of your research this year,
come by OPIRG and fill in an application.  Due date is Thursday April 1st
at 4:00pm and one applicant will be chosen (or possibly two $250 awards
depending on the applicants) by April 15,1999.
Fax, e-mail , call or drop by OPIRG for application forms.  They are kept
outside our door on top of the iron rack. (326 Unicentre, upstairs from
Ziggys hair)

Our fax # is 520-3989 or call 520-2757.

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