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hey, let's fight trade liberalization!

help build ottawa area activities to resist the corporate push to further
liberalize trade at the expense of people and our planet

public meeting to discuss and make plans for action

when: tuesday, march 23 at 7:00 pm
where: 5th floor, 280 metcalfe st. (corner of metcalfe and gilmour), ottawa
hey, what ever happened to the mai?

don't worry, the pro-capital trade liberalization 1999 agenda is well
underway with the following events planned:

march/april - Canadian government is holding "public" hearings in
preparation for canada's pariticaption in the fall meeting of the world
trade organization in seattle (late november)

april - ministerial meeting of trade ministers for countries participating
in negotiation of the free trade area of the americas agreement.

june - G8 countries meet in germenay (there are efforts underway globally
to organize direct actions targetting financial institutions on june 18)

sept - apec conference in new zealand

november - early in the month there will be a round of ftaa meetings in
ottawa; late in the month the wto meets in seattle

these are some of the highlites.  rest assurred that the rich are using
these forums to inflict further harm on working people and the poor all
around the world.  take comfort in the thought that at these forums, plans
will be discussed which will further poison the planet.

come to the meeting and join in discussion about the kind of action we can
take together to stop the trade liberalizers.

if you have questions, contact brian edgecombe by phone at 237-6278, or by
e-mail at: briane@tao.ca

brian edgecombe - ottawa, ontario, canada

"We are all bound together by the task that lies before us"
James Taylor

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