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projects/alternatives meeting, Monday Mar 29th

Memebers of the TAO Ottawa radical reading group will be having an
organizational meeting to discuss potential projects and alternatives to
mainstream systems of economics, food distribution, education, etc.. The
hope is to network with people already involved with local alternatives
and plan future projects that combine theory (ecology, anarchist
organizing, commuinities of space, radical parenting) with practice.  

Some of us had had very positive experiences working on organic farms,
homeschooling, participating in the LETS system, etc, and have found the
opting-out from everyday systems of exchange and politics to be a very
constructive complement to efforts of resistance/demonstration that
oppose oppression and injustice.

Ideas for discussion/potential projects:
- Ottawa homeschooling networks
- Ottawa-LETS
- community supported agriculture
- alternative banking
- urban/rural permaculture design courses
- community childcare

Just some suggestions, maybe we could figure out what interests or spheres
people are really interested in, or already involved with. 

Everyone is welcome.

Monday, March 29th
136 Arthur, Apt 2 (between Somerset and Gladstone)
7:00 pm

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