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FW: International IDEA 1999 Democracy Forum "Youth and Democracy" (fwd)

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Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 10:38 AM
Subject: International IDEA 1999 Democracy Forum "Youth and Democracy"

Please forward this information to any young people or youth organizations
you know who might be interested, especially in Asia, Africa, and South and
Central America. As the message says, costs will be covered by International
IDEA for selected applicants. 
Unfortunately, I did not save the attachment files, so please contact
<a.kowalchuk@idea.int> , directly to request more information and the
application forms.
Best regards,
Mark Haslam

>> The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
>> (International IDEA) is hosting its annual Democracy Forum this June 18 &
>> 19 in Stockholm, Sweden. 
>> The Democracy Forum is International IDEA's annual event, which gathers
>> politicians, practitioners and academics to discuss issues related to
>> democracy.  The 1999 Democracy Forum will be held on the theme of youth
>> and democracy, and the meeting is entitled "What's So Great About
>> Democracy: the Young Speak Up!"  This year's objectives are to help young
>> people struggling for democracy, as well as to encourage other young
>> people to take an active part in maintaining and defending democracy.
>> Forum will be attended by young people who are struggling for and
>> defending democracy around the world, as well as youth ministers,
>> parliamentarians, students and experts on youth issues.
>> Please pass this information on to other people who would find this topic
>> interesting and practical to their daily activities.  Travel, room and
>> board expenses are covered by International IDEA for those participants
>> chosen by International IDEA's Democracy Forum Committee.  To apply to
>> participate, send the completed Application Form and a CV to the address
>> below.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Please address all
>> questions, concerns and suggestions to,
>> Andrew Kowalchuk
>> Programme Assistant
>> Secretary-General's Office
>> International IDEA
>> Strömsborg
>> S-103 34 Stockholm
>> Sweden
>> Fax: 46 8 20 24 22
>> E-mail: a.kowalchuk@idea.int   
>> 					   http://www.idea.int
>>  <<Brochur4>>  <<Fagenda4>>  <<Aplic>> 
>> the brochure		the agenda	    the application form
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