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DEOMSTRATE Against U.S.-Led Aggression

March 26, 1999 12:00pm
In front of U.S. embassy/parliament hill

On March 24 the U.S.-led NATO ordered warplanes to launch deadly air
strikes against Yugoslavia. Canada also sent fighter planes in these
attacks. This attack is in clear violation of the sovereignty of Nations
and is in no way in conformity with international diplomacy and law.
This brutal attack by the U.S. led NATO was not approved by the United
Nations and has no legitimacy whatsoever. The U.S. and other great
powers have always been fighting over who will gain control over the
Balkans. As a result, the Albanian people and others in the region have
suffered tremendously. Until the time that all the imperialist
aggressors are thrown out of the region the people who live in the
Balkans will not be able to sort out their problems. Condemn the
Chretien Liberals for their participation in the air strikes. Demand
that Canada withdraw itís military from the Balkans and from NATO all

U.S. and NATO, Get out of Kosovo!
No to NATO Air Strikes in Yugoslavia!
No to Canadaís Participation in Acts of Aggression!
Support the Right of the People of Kosovo to Self-Determination!

*Committee Against U.S.-Led Imperialist Aggression*

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