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The Canadian Mental Health Association
invites you and your friends to a 

Thursday, May 6, 1999
8 - 10 pm at the Bronson Centre
(211 Bronson St., between Lisgar & Nepean)

Tickets:  $10 each, available at 
Bronson Centre, Ottawa Folklore Centre or call Bonnie at 233-6908

$$$ All proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 
Ottawa-Carleton Branch $$$

©©©Consider buying an extra ticket and donating it to CMHA,
      enabling a community member to attend the show ©©©

Further donations to CMHA are welcomed!  
Please call 737-7791

This event is co-sponsored by CMHA, Ottawa-Carleton Health Coalition, Housing Co-Operatives of Ottawa-Carleton, and supported by many other groups concerned about mental health in our community.

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