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Fw: Investing In Women's Worth Fundraising Dinner Auction

> Dear Friends,
> Investing in Women's Worth is a non-profit organization that provides
> of low-income with Entrepreneurial Training to start thier own business. 
> We were formed out of the Investing in Women's Worth study and conference
> that took place in 1996 which was sponsored by the Ottawa Women's Credit
> Union.  The study idenfied that 4 out of 10 women in our region are
> struggling financially and that 35% of these women would choose owning
> operating thier own business to achieve financial self-reliance. 
> in Women's Worth was established to help women achieve the goal of
> financially self-realiant, through entrepreneurship.  To date we have
> helped 18 women complete thier business plans and start operating thier
> businesses.
> On Thursday April 15, 1999 we are holding a fundraising dinner and
> at Capone's East.  Tickets are $35 each.  If you are interested in
> attending or have questions contact Jennifer at 234-2771 or through email
> iiww@storm.ca.
> You can also visit our web site to learn more about IIWW  www.ncf.ca/iiww
> Hope to see you on the 15th! 
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