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Re: Kosovo

Please try to keep postings to this mailing list to 

announcements of events, contacts and action alerts

...related to progressive peace, environment and 
social justice activism in the Ottawa area.  
This will help the list remain useful to and read by a 
large number of people, many of whom might otherwise disagree.  

Those who would like to discuss the issues posted here 
with other activists are invited to join perc-forum by sending a 
subscription message to majordomo@flora.org .  See instructions at 
To engage the online Ottawa public in debate or flamewar, 
try newsgroup ott.general .

If anyone has or is planning to put together a list of (stable) 
local online and face-to-face forums for discussing various issues, 
i'll be happy to post it on PERC's website.

Krishna E. Bera,    "Volunteer on the loose"
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