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landmine ban competition for youth


Mines Action Canada is calling for youth 19 and under to design a symbol for
the landmine campaign in Canada. The winning entry will be produced as a
button, pin, or similar small item and used in our awareness- and
fund-raising work. Production of the symbol will take place at a job skills
training centre for people injured by landmines or polio in Cambodia. A
prize of $250 will be awarded to the winning design; two follow-up prizes of
$50 will be awarded. The closing date is 7 June 1999.

If you are in contact with schools or youth groups who would be interested
in promoting this competition, we would appreciate your forwarding this
message to them or sending us their contacts.

Entry form and guidelines are available by mail (send address to this email
address or phone 613 241 3777) or online at:

Mary Foster
Mines Action Canada
1210 - 1 Nicholas St.,
Ottawa ON K1N 7B7
tel 1 613 241 3777
fax 1 613 244 3410

Robin Collins
email: lothcol@magi.com

Ban Landmines. Clear the fields.

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