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FOOD FORUM 2000 this weekend in Ottawa

[a complete revised program will follow for those on the y2k Ottawa email
Fri 9 April, 6:30pm: 
Resilient Communities teleconference video broadcast on 8 April: 
"Common Sense, Common Ground; Preparing for Y2K"

Sat 10 April, 9am to 5pm: "An Ottawa Valley Forum;
The Food Supply Chain and the Year 2000 problem" 

Keynote Speaker: Mike Fletcher, CEO Highspin Corp. 
(a local y2k expert with international development experience and a column
on the website Westergaard 2000: "Y2K on the Job")

Potluck follows at 6:30. On Sunday will be followup "action groups" 

University of Ottawa, Room 122, Lamoureux Bldg 
From Campus Transit station, second building on your left 
FREE, donations appreciated. Wheelchair accessible

We need to strengthen the food supply chain in the Ottawa Valley, bring the
food producer and consumer closer together, and localize food production
and distribution. Imported food is already environmentally unsustainable.
Next year supplies may become scarce and expensive, due to the year 2000
computer problem (y2k). There are long-term risks from climate change,
global economic problems, environmental degrad-ation and rising fuel costs.
We propose a food taskforce, and a statement on what first steps we should
take in 1999. 

Call (613) 236-6433 for information
Terry Cottam, Y2K Regional Preparedness Group 
Email y2k-ottawa@inode.org. Co-sponsored by OPIRG-Ottawa 

Read "Y2K and the Food Supply: 
A Message from Concerned American farmers" 
on the Ottawa-Carleton Community Preparedness Website: 

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