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Fri 6:30: "Common Sense, Common Ground: Preparing for Y2K"

[This evening event is the first part of our "Food Forum 2000" program]

Resilient Communities
"Common Sense, Common Ground: Preparing for Y2K"
A video viewing of a live satellite video conversation
Second in a series of three
University of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall (near Campus Transit Stn), Room 122
Friday, April 9, 1999, 6:30pm
Originally broadcast April 8th, 1999, 9AM-Noon PST 
FREE (donations appreciated)

We need to keep thinking and talking about Y2K: what may happen in early
What may happen throughout the year?  How do we prepare?

A single, definitive answer doesn’t exist. Answers emerge through discussion,
unique to each community, and each individual--but we can find common ground.

Robert Theobald, Cynthia Beal and Rachel Bagby will discuss a common sense
approach to getting prepared and for transformational change.

This second conference invites people to talk about key concerns:

* Preparation Basics 
* How to talk with others about Y2K and Resilience 
* Looking beyond January, 2000 towards deeper changes 
* Avoiding "Y2Kitis" 
* Keeping your own balance as you work on these issues
* Using conversation about this to reach deeper levels of connection with

“All we can do is decide how long an interruption we are willing to invest in
preparing for.”  Halim Dunsky

“The problem is not knowing what to advise in the face of radical
uncertainty.”  Jan Wyllie

“No problem can ever be solved by the consciousness that created it. We must
learn to see the world anew.”
Albert Einstein

“Instead of ‘hoping for the best and preparing for the worst,’ perhaps we need
to shift our focus to preparing ourselves to create the best, to create
what we
want to be the outcome of Y2K, our best-case scenario for the future…  that we
all long for.” Michael Brownlee

Washington State University Cooperative Extension and Northwest Regional
Facilitators are co-producing this satellite conference series to help bring
your community together around Y2K education.


Robert Theobald is a speaker, consultant and writer who has been on the
edge of fundamental change issues throughout his forty-year career.  He has
worked with business and labor, education and health, government and local
communities.  He also co-founded and co-coordinates the ‘Transformational
Learning Community’ designed to unblock cultural transformation. His most
recent publications are The Healing Century (1998) and Reworking Success

Cynthia Beal is a grocer, a sharecropper, and a plant conservator who writes
and talks about systems of food and value in both personal and political
contexts. She owns the Red Barn Natural Grocery in Eugene, Oregon, farms
organic blueberries, stewards a Pacific Rim Medicinal Plant Conservancy, and
sits on the Lane County Year 2000 Steering Committee.

Through overlapping careers as a writer, composer, vocal artist, ecological
activist, and leader of writing/vocal workshops, Rachel Bagby has developed a
broad-based, international audience.  Her publications include articles in The
Wall Street Journal, Time, Ms. Magazine, Women of Power, and other periodicals
as well as poetry in literary journals.  

Watch for the third satellite conference May 27th, 1999.

For more information please contact:

Terry Cottam, President, y2k Regional Preparedness Group
* y2k-ottawa@inode.org, (613) 236-6433, y2k Centretown Contact
* Ottawa-Carleton Community Preparedness website: http://y2k.inode.org
* Subscribe to preparedness discussion, y2k-news, y2k-events (info on website)

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