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Attend Ottawa Press Conference

Forwarded announcement from: Connie Fogal <cfogal@netcom.ca>

Plea to Ottawa area residents:

Connie Fogal, as President of the Canadian Action Party,and as a Director
of the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee, urges all people who reside
in and around Ottawa and who oppose the bombing on Kosovo to ATTEND at the
PRESS CONFERENCE described below in support of Senator Roche's call for an
emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council in effort to stop
the bombing and begin peaceful diplomatic talks.

(You may not be able to get in, but your presence at the door will be an
important Canadian statement. ALL our M.P.'s voted to bomb Kosovo. You
cannot look to them to stop this insanity without your pressure. If you do
not live in the Ottawa region but know someone who does, encourage them to
be there.)

Connie Fogal, says  the Canadian Action Party supports the initiative of
Senator Roche, calls for an immediate cessation of the Kosovo bombing, and
calls for Canada to assume leadership in diplomatic negotiations for Peace
settlement. The Canadian Action Party supports the Ad-hoc Committee to Stop
Canada's Participation in the  War on Yugoslavia. Fogal says, "Stop this
crisis before it spins out of control!"

Fogal calls on all Canadians to set aside their political  party
differences and Unite for Peace, unite in returning Canada to its
traditional international role and respected  reputation - Peacemaker, NOT

Plea to Ottawa area organizations, unions, and groups: Turn out your
people! Fill the street outside the Press Conference. Never mind the short
notice. Bombs do not wait for time or organization or convenience!

Connie Fogal, Tel: 604 872 2128 home; 604 688 0550 work; fax: 604-688 0550;
E mail cfogal@netcom.ca

press release --  press release --  press release --  press release-
Ad-hoc Committee to Stop Canada's Participation  in the War on Yugoslavia

For immediate release, April 9, 1999
Stop the Bombing of Yugoslavia: More Prominent Canadians Speak Out Against
Canada's Participation in an Illegal and Unjust War

Monday, April 12, 10 a.m.
National Press Theatre
150 Wellington Street, Ottawa

For over 16 days Canadian war planes have been bombarding a small country
one fifth the size of Saskatchewan. We call for an immediate halt to
Canada's bombing of Yugoslavia.
DOUGLAS ROCHE, Senator and former UN Ambassador for Disarmament
NICK TAYLOR, Senator and former Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party
MICHAEL MANDEL, Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall
DEBBIE GRISDALE, Executive Director, Physicians for Global Survival
BUZZ HARGROVE, National President, Canadian Auto Workers
MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa
DAVID ORCHARD, Author, farmer and former candidate for P.C. Party  leadership

"What is Canada, in the bombing raids, saying to the world? We must be
prepared to live with the precedent we are now setting." -- Sen. Douglas

"I'm not in favour of bombing helpless people. I think we should ask for a
two-week truce and talk." --Sen. Nick Taylor

"As a Jew, I'm outraged at the total inappropriateness of the analogy to
Hitler and the Holocaust to justify NATO's illegal bombing of a civilian
population." --Michael Mandel

"What is most important now is the question of legitimacy. The evidence
suggests that we are literally destroying an entire nation at the bequest
of an armed terrorist organization with links to organized crime." Michel

"The NATO arsenal pounding Yugoslavia every day is an overwhelming force of
cruise missiles, bombers and fighter aircraft... Canada has joined a U.S.
led NATO attack. -- Buzz Hargrove

"We urge Canada and all governments contributing to and supporting NATO to
stop this disastrous course of war. New policies of non-violence are
necessary to end the war of extermination in Serbia and Kosovo and to
prevent it from escalating throughout the Balkans." -- Debbie Grisdale

"The attack on Yugoslavia is a unilateral and unprecedented act of war by
the world's most powerful military alliance in violation of international
law and NATO's own charter." -- David Orchard

For more information call (416) 466-0753 or (416)922-8767.
- 30 -
P.O.Box 1983, Saskatoon, Sask., S7K 3S5
toll free phone: 1-877-WE STAND
Saskatoon: (306)244-5757 Fax: (306)244-3790
Toronto: (416)922-7867 Fax: (416)922-7883
Vancouver: (604)683-3733 Fax: (604)683-3749
e-mail: ab217@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca
website: http://www.davidorchard.com

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