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Re: Demonstrate! Sat. April 17

You forgot to mention Stop the Bombing! in your list,
arguably a significant element of the demonstration. "Letting the People of
the Balkans
Settle their Own Affairs"? Hmm. I presume opposition to the (not mentioned)
antics is allowed as well?


At 11:11 PM -0400 99/4/13, Mistahi Corkill wrote:
> - Ottawa, Ontario -
>On Saturday April 17 at 12:00 noon, gather at Parliament Hill to
>denounce Canada's involvement in the criminal aggression against
>Yugoslavia. The rally will move to the U.S. Embassy to demonstrate
>further against the U.S.-led NATO attacks on Yugoslavia. This day is
>being marked as the International Day of Protest Against the U.S./NATO
>Bombing of Yugoslavia. On this day people across the world are
>organizing to show their opposition to this act of aggression.
>End Canadian Involvement Now!
>Leave the People of the Balkans to Settle Their Own Affairs!
>Demand that NATO be Dismantled!
>*Committee Against U.S.-Led NATO Aggression*


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