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Demonstration on Parliament Hill on Sunday, April 18 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM (Ottawa)


The Canadian Friends of the Kosovarsí Committee is holding a community
on Parliament Hill on Sunday, April 18 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

The community demonstration is aimed at encouraging current Canadian
and NATO intervention and actions in the Balkans.  The objectives of the
demonstration are:

∑ To support the Canadian and NATO sailors, soldiers and airmen fighting

  for a more moral and just world based on the respect for the
fundamental human rights
  of all citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex, and other
designations contained
  within United Nations Declaration on the Rights Of Man
∑ To protest the cruel and calculated ethnic cleansing perpetrated by
the Milosevic regime
  against the innocent Kosovar people reminiscent of the Killing Fields
of Cambodia
∑ To shun negotiations with alleged war criminals like Slobodan
  and force unqualified Serbian compliance with international covenants
on human rights
∑  To suggest an equitable solution for the self-determination of the
Kosovo people
∑  To offer moral and material support to the Kosovar refugees on
arrival in Canada.

We welcome the Government of Canada's decision to airlift Kosovo
from Albania and Macedonia to Canada and offering humanitarian
to the needy on their arrival with an understanding of the international
to ensure their right of return to Kosovo, and their safety within their
free of Serbian repression.

Individual and families are encouraged to come out to this community
in front of Parliament Hill to show support of  our Government's
to fight Serbian genocide against the innocent people of Kosovo
on Sunday, April 18 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.
You are also encouraged to send this message to your friends
and colleagues and encourage them to come out to protest against
Serbian state-sponsored terror against helpless Kosovar civilians.

For more information please contact:

Box 322 Station "B", Ottawa K1P 6C4

Djenana Campara, Co-chair
Tel:  (613) 825-7238 or
         (613) 763-2945
Fax: (613) 825-4964

L. Ben-Tahir, Co-chair
Tel:  (613) 234-0707
Fax: (613) 234-0707 or
         (613) 234-0711

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