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WHAT:  	Sending a message to the NAFTA 5th Anniversary Minister's Luncheon

WHERE:	Outside National Arts Centre (Elgin Street Entrance)

WHEN:	12:00pm- 1:00pm, Friday, April 23, 1999

WHY:	Protesting 5 years of NAFTA at a luncheon where the 3 NAFTA Ministers
will boast the 'benefits' of this agreement.

The luncheon is being organized by the Business Council on National Issues,
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance for Importers and

HOW:	Water is a resource severely threatened under NAFTA.  We'll be sending
a message to those attending "PUT A CORK IN NAFTA!"  There will be
balloons, bubbles and lots of people!

Join us to have fun protesting 5 years of NAFTA- Let's send our government
a message to SAVE WATER and PUT A CORK IN NAFTA!

For more information, contact:

Anna Dashtgard, Trade Campaigner
Council of Canadians
Suite 502, 151 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H3
Phone: 613-233-2773 Fax: 613-233-6776
Toll free: 1-800-387-7177
Email: adashtgard@canadians.org

brian edgecombe - ottawa, ontario, canada

"We are all bound together by the task that lies before us"
James Taylor

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