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Re: Demonstrate! Saturday 10 am

Demonstration 10am, Saturday
Parliament Hill

Friends: let's ensure that this demonstration raises all the issues involved;
that the media cannot be given an excuse to claim this event supports
either the Milosevic regime or the NATO bombing campaign.

Let's insist the broader demonstration include opposition to the humanitarian
disaster brought on by the Milosevic regime against the Kosovan population;
let's consider
the danger of this conflict expanding beyond the borders of former
Yugoslavia as well.

So in addition to Stop The Bombing!

let's add:

Ceasefire Now!
Milosevic: Hands off the Kosovans! Let the refugees return; international
protection for the refugees!
International Peace Conference must include all parties to the conflict,
and Russia, until now excluded by circumvention of UN due process.
Let's have a look at a Uniting for Peace Resolution, advanced by Canada
from its seat on the Security Council.

Canada must be involved in the resolution of the conflict, but not through
a bombing campaign.


Robin Collins
email: lothcol@magi.com

Ban Landmines. Clear the fields.

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