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Boycott the boycott


Dear Friend,
I recently received an e-mail urging me to participate in a boycott to try to lower the price of gasoline, because allegedly ŚWe are all sick and tired of high pricesą.  I urge you to consider the following, as I did.

The automobile is the single largest source of greenhouse gases and air pollution.

The costs of private automobile transportation and infrastructure are publicly subsidized by all citizens including non-motorists.

The price of gasoline is artificially low and does not reflect true environmental and social costs.

Low gasoline prices encourage growing consumption, increased emissions, and urban sprawl.

Any boycott aimed at lowering the price of gasoline further would promote widespread environmental damage for the sake of petty personal gain.

THAT IS WHY, ironically enough, as an environmentalist who buys gasoline quite infrequently, I will make a point of buying gasoline on April 30th.  Not Thursday, not Saturday, but Friday April 30th.

If you care about the world around you I encourage you to:
1.  Join me.  Boycott the boycott!
2.  Contact your favourite environmental or social justice group to learn about boycotts that are good for the world.

Happy Earth Day, see you at the pumps next Friday.

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