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Harmony House Fundraiser

                                 Fundraising Party For Harmony House
                                               The Mighty Popo

                                                Saturday May 8
                                            @ Perfect Strangers
                                                 211 Rideau St

                                tickets $10 ($15 supporter, $5 low income)
                                     available @ Mother Tongue Books
                                                           Octopus Books
                                                           After Stonewall
                                                            Perfect Strangers
Place/Place aux Femmes

                                                doors open @8:00

                                       for more info:Lynn 233-8478 ext 396
Sandy 725-3601 ext 138


Harmony House is Eastern Ontario's only second stage shelter for women and
children fleeing abusive relationships. When Mike Harris first got elected
he axed all funding for second stage shelters. Since this time, Harmony
House has stayed open thanks to vigorous fundraising in the community. This
benefit is organized by the Support Group Facilitators Committee (a
subcommittee of the Regional Co-ordinating Commmittee to End Violence
Against Women), to say thanks for all their hard work, to contribute
something to the fundraising efforts, and to have fun!

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