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Tuesday 6pm: Meeting on Y2K Community Leadership


A public meeting to discuss the severe lack of preparedness of our
communities for the year 2000 problem (y2k). 

6:00pm, Tuesday 27 April, Centretown Community Health Centre
420 Cooper Street (between Bank and Kent)

READY-2000, the regional y2k taskforce, expects "little or no service
disruptions." But "there is still a severe lack of y2k preparedness by
small businesses in our Region. Small businesses supply big business,
process, transport, distribute and sell our produce. Together with farmers,
they form the foundation of our food supply chain. If any of the links of
that chain break, disruptions will result." (Mike Fletcher, CEO, Highspin
Corp.) In addition, few food-exporting developing countries will be
prepared, and ports and shipping are among the world's least prepared

At our meeting, we will: 

1. discuss why citizens, small business, volunteer agencies, places of
worship and other community groups have been excluded from READY-2000.

2. Introduce the Y2K Centretown Pilot Project 

3. Check out some low-cost home and small business y2k kits, and decide if
they are suitable for community-wide distribution.

4. Distribute our new flier, "A message to Ottawa Valley food consumers on
PROTECTING OUR FOOD SUPPLY," drafted at our all-day event, Food Forum 2000
on 10 April 1999.

5. Introduce the Resilient Communities movement and the positive side of
y2k: a catalyst toward caring, sharing communities, to help us meet other
challenges to come such as global warming and economic instability.

For more information contact:
Terry Cottam, y2k-ottawa@inode.org, (613) 236-6433
* Centretown Contact, y2k Regional Preparedness Group
* Ottawa-Carleton Community Preparedness website: http://y2k.inode.org
* Subscribe to preparedness discussion, y2k-news, y2k-events (info on website)

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