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Guatemalan Judge in Ottawa

The Project Accompaniment Committee of Ottawa (PACO) cordially invites you
all to a presentation by Judge Henry Monroy of Guatemala.

The presentation will take place on Wednesdsay, April 28th at 7:00 in the
Common Room at Conservation Co-operative Homes, 140 Mann Ave., in Sandy Hill
(corner of Marlborough and Gouldburn streets).

Judge Monroy presided over the high-profile Myrna Mack and Bishop Gerardi
cases. Some of you may remember that Bishop Gerardi was brutally murdered a
year ago today, just two days after his archdiocesan human rights office
released a telling report about the role of the state in massive human
rights abuses during the civil war. He stepped down from the Gerardi case
because of the rampant corruption happening right under his nose in the
court house. Judge Monroy's presentation will focus on his own experiences
within the justice system and the need for judicial reform in Guatemala.

Thanks and sorry for the short notice.

Carole Sauve

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