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Tonight, 6pm: y2k, free seeds, community leadership

As previously announced: There will be a public meeting tonight to discuss
the severe lack of preparedness of our communities for the year 2000
problem (y2k). We will discuss how to promote community leadership on y2k. 

6:00pm, Tuesday 27 April, Centretown Community Health Centre
420 Cooper Street (between Bank and Kent)

NEW: Tonight we will give away hundreds of packets of free seeds to help
community agencies encourage their clients to expand their gardens. "Make
every inch of space available, including containers and even window boxes"
says local gardening writer Ann Cleary. "We must think of gardens as
sources of sustenance to cushion us against disasters we hope will never

With each packet, we will offer our new flier, "A message to Ottawa Valley
food consumers on PROTECTING OUR FOOD SUPPLY" from our all-day event, Food
Forum 2000 on 10 April 1999. It is now posted on our website at

READY-2000 is the regional y2k taskforce. Did you know they advise
preparing for up to a week of disruptions? Are they doing a good job
getting the word out? They have been holding 13 public "community forums,"
including three shopping mall displays by the City of Ottawa. Our event
coincides with their latest forum at Nepean City Hall (7pm). If you're in
Nepean, check it out. Their message is, "we expect little or no service
disruptions." Should we support this? Many other sectors not represented by
READY-2000 may not be ready, including much of the food supply chain:
agri-business, oil, transport, retail or small business. Few food-exporting
developing countries will be prepared, and ports and shipping are among the
world's least prepared sectors. 

At our meeting, we will: 

1. Discuss whether citizens, small business, volunteer agencies, places of
worship and other community groups should have direct representation on
READY-2000, or create our own local taskforces, e.g. a
"Centretown-READY-2000," to prepare our communities in the limited time left.

2. Introduce our five-point proposal for a Y2K Centretown Pilot Project,
which could be adapted to any community.

3. Watch a demo of two low-cost home and small business y2k kits, and
decide if they are suitable for community-wide distribution.

4. Introduce the Resilient Communities movement, which promotes the
positive side of y2k: a much-needed catalyst toward more caring, sharing
communities, to help us meet other challenges to come such as global
warming and economic instability.

For more information contact:
Terry Cottam, y2k-ottawa@inode.org, (613) 236-6433
* Centretown Contact, y2k Regional Preparedness Group
* Ottawa-Carleton Community Preparedness website: http://y2k.inode.org
* Subscribe to preparedness discussion, y2k-news, y2k-events (info on website)

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