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OTTAWA BURMA ROUNTABLE GENERAL MEETING (First Sat. of each month at 10am,
same location)
Saturday, May 1, at 10am
Location: 145 Spruce Street, #206
(Directions: CFOB office, located at 145 Spruce Street at Preston. Spruce is
one street north of Somerset. Go down Spruce from Preston just after the
dead end - red brick building on your right).
For more information, call or email: Doug: 225-5211; dsamuel@magma.ca or
Corinne: 231-7189; al698@freenet.carleton.ca

Tentative Agenda:

1. General updates: Roundtable web page is up at: www.angelfire.com/ct/obrt/
- Victor's cottage renting proposal for a weekend
- General Meeting: First Saturday of each month at 10:00
- Core Meeting: Second Sunday of each month at 10:00

2. Organize Karen Connelly reading publicity and event, which will occur on
June 10 
   at Chapters on Rideau.

3. The Social Action Walk (coming up June 5th).


4. Organize article submissions for Peace and Environment Newspaper.
Deadline is mid October.  We should start assigning articles and expecting
rough drafts for the next meeting.

5. Organize fund raising event to be publicized in PEN (November 99 addition).

Canadian Friends of Burma
145 Spruce St.#206
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 6P1
Tel: 613-237-8056	Fax: 613-563-0017
email: cfob@web.net	www.web.net/~cfob

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