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Anti-war meeting - May 5th at 7:30 pm

Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia

Oppose Canada's Participation in the War Against Yugoslavia

On April 21, members of peace, labour, religious, human rights,
environmental and  students' organizations formed the Coalition to Stop the
War Against  Yugoslavia (C-SWAY).

Organizing Meeting

Wednesday May 5 @ 7:30 pm

147 Fauteaux Hall
University of Ottawa

Fauteaux Hall is at 57 Louis Pasteur which is South of Laurier St. East and
one block West of King Edward.  Off of Laurier East take Copernicus which
turns into Louis Pasteur.

Upcoming Actions

May 15 - Protest Rally - 2 pm gather at Confederation Park - corner Laurier
& Elgin

May 24 - George Lakey will be speaking on "Non-Violent Opposition to the
War" at 7:30 pm in the PSAC - 233 Gilmour St.

May 29 - Protest Rally and Peace March in Ottawa

C-SWAY Workgroups

Protest Rally workgroup:
Contact: Len Bush
Tel: 231-4270   Email: lbush@cyberus.ca

Public Education workgroup:
Contact: Richard Sanders
Tel: 231-3076  Email:  ad207@freenet.carleton.ca

We need everyone's help to STOP THE WAR!

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