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Debate, War in Kosovo, Fri. May 7 @ 2 pm

note - From Today at Carleton E-mail April 28:


Carleton's Institute for European and Russian Studies and the Department of
Political Science will be hosting a roundtable, entitled 'The War in
Kosovo: Regional and Global Consequences,' to discuss possible consequences
of the current crisis in Yugoslavia. Carleton's specialists in the field of
Central, East European, and Russian Area Studies will each make short
introductory comments. Then the floor will be opened for informal
discussion among the participants. The discussion will focus on the medium
and long-term consequences of the conflict, particularly relating to: the
Balkan states; the Central and East European countries, including Russia;
and the broader implications for Europe, NATO, and North America.

The roundtable begins at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 1999
in the Senate Room, sixth floor, Robertson Hall, Carleton University

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