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correction - Lubicon meeting

CORRECTION: Tuesday, 11 May at 7:00 pm

as before:
The Lubicon Lake Cree Nation STILL do not have a land rights settlement. The
Friends of the Lubicon, organisers of the successful Daishowa boycott, have
joined with the Amitie Lubicons-Quebec coalition to mount a Canada-wide
lobby campaign. The lobby campaign aims to bring about a fair settlement for
the Lubicons as soon as possible. Please join us for an organising meeting
in the Ottawa-Hull area.

when: Tuesday, 11 May at 7:00 pm

where: 237 rue Champlain, apt 3 Hull
(very close to the Museum of Civilisations; from Ottawa, take Alexandra
bridge (bike path), take first right after bridge, then first left, then
second left. go upstairs on outside of building. wheelchair inaccessible,
but help available in manually getting people in chairs up. bus # 8 from
Rideau Centre gets you there eventually.)

the agenda:

1. general information about the Lubicon Crees and update
2. lobbying campaign
3. longer term possibilities

more information: call Mary at 777 3058 or Dan at 235 9956

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