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Smash Harris at the Westin

Hi Folks,

Late breaking news is that Mike Harris is in town tomorrow for a
fundraiser at the Westin Hotel, site of many an anti-Harris demo over the
past four years.  Ken Clavette of the Ottawa and District Labour Council
passed on info about a demonstration, probably at around 5:00pm tomorrow,
that some labour types are trying to organize at this last minute.  (Turns
out Toronto is full of labour types because of the CLC convention, so
guess who's coming to town...)

Even if nothing institutional or official is being organized, I would
propose that people move on this on their own accord, put the word out to
your friends and organizations, and we show our opposition to the asshole
who thinks he runs this province.

So what do ya think?  5:00pm would be a good time to cause a bit of a

See ya tomorrow,

p.s. If someone is doing something about this and I happened to miss out,
can they post some info please.

p.p.s. Please forward to local lists.

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