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March for Developmentally Disabled - May 15 @ 11am

Saturday May 15th
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Meet at 233 Gilmour (PSAC)
March to Human Rights Memorial
Speakers and more!

The Alliance for People with Developmental Disabilities
	individuals with Developmental Disabilities
	their families and friends
	the people who work with them
	and all other community supporters

To March in Support of the Developmentally Disabled

To march in support of more appropriate funding levels and services for
persons with developmental disabilities from MCSS and the Ministry of

To send Mike Harris a clear message that people with developmental
disabilities deserve to be treated with respect and dignity!

Endorsed by:  A Parents Group for the Developmentally Disabled
	Ontario Coalition of Families
	CUPE Ontario Social Services Committee
	Alex Munter - Chair of the Community Services Committee, RMOC
	The Faith Partners
	Marion Dewar
	Alex Cullen, MPP Ottawa-West

For more information contact Ruby Shortt 225-0127

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