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TONIGHT: READY-2000 public meeting. Try not to miss it!

Tonight will be the last easily accessible READY-2000 taskforce public
information forum, where the Regional government, schools, hospitals,
utilities etc. make themselves available for public comment and inquiry
about preparing for possible disruptions in the year 2000. Please take full
advantage of this important service.

WHEN: 7pm tonight, Monday 10 May

WHERE: Gloucester Town Centre, 12 minutes by #95 Transitway bus from
downtown. Get off at Blair Rd. (Gloucester Centre), cross the pedestrian
overpass, walk left to 1595 Telesat Court, a tall, green office building
called "Investors Group" which doubles as Gloucester's City Hall.

PLUS: our own Y2K information meetings:

WHEN: 5:30-7:30pm, the next two Tuesdays: May 11, and May 18 (correction,
not 10th and 17th)

WHERE: Centretown Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper St. between Bank and

Come and:

1. Learn how you can prepare yourself and your neighbours
2. Learn how you can help spread awareness
3. Pick up free seeds for your garden!

We will discuss the upcoming launch of the Y2K Centretown Pilot Project at
the Centretown CHC. We will discuss those sectors not represented by
READY-2000 (small business, small agencies, transport, oil, ports,
shipping, agri-business). We will distribute our flier, "A message to
Ottawa Valley consumers about Protecting Our FOOD SUPPLY." It encourages
expanded food gardening, and explains why it's better to stockpile food
well in advance (at least two weeks worth) than wait until the last minute.

Last week was Y2K Awareness Week. We attended the top-notch conference put
on by PIPSC "Is Your Food Safe?" on May 8th, and alerted them to the risk
of disruptions to the food supply chain caused by y2k. We distributed our
Food Forum 2000 statement, and recommended that any food safety campaign
focus on forcing compliance worldwide by Spring 2000, when agri-business
plants most of our crops in the Northern Hemisphere.

For more information contact:

Terry Cottam, 236-6433
Centretown Contact, Y2K Regional Preparedness Group
y2k-ottawa@inode.org, http://y2k.inode.org

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