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mark your calendar!

2 important events at Octopus Books this month (both are free of charge and
involve wine, cheese & veggies) (and juice too!)

Tuesday May 18, 7:30 p.m.
Book Launch for David Rapaport: No Justuce, No peace
An insider's description of the large, militant and unlikely public strike
in Ontario. The Ontario Public Service Employee Union was an early target of
the Mike Harris Common Sense Revolutionaries, neo-conservatives on a mission
to shrink the social safety net, radically reduce social programs, and
subvert Ontario's collective bargaining regimes.
No Justice, No Peace traces the politics involved, from ideology and belief
in free trade to the downsizing of public and private enterprises, from the
restructuring and privatization of the public to collective bargaining
between OPSEU and the Ontario Government, and finally, to the strike vote
and the picket line.


Thursday May 27th 7:30 p.m.

Book Launch for Dennis Lewycky: Equal Shares: Oodi Weavers and the
cooperative experience - a Between The Lines Publication

A fascinating history of a group of dynamic people who changed the economic
life of their community.  The authors examine a key community based
cooperative in Botswana that was launched in the early 1970's and is hailed
as a model for development and social change.

Dennis is a local author, come out to celebrate and congratulate him on this
important book !!

Food, friends, fun and all free!!!

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