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Reminder: Next Radical Reading


Consider coming out even if you haven't before -- we hope to have a good
discussion around different forms of activism. 

The term used in the reading is  "dual power" -- it conceptualizes activism
as that which counters existing institutions while simultaneously creating
alternative ones.  It diviides activism into categories such as "direct"
and "indirect" actions.  -- do these make any sense?  is it useful to make
such distinctions in our activist work?  Does this reflect or capture the
activites going on in tao and/or opirg?  How could we use these definitions
to aid us?  etc. .

Date and Time: May 17, 7pm
Location: Octopus Books (we have decided to keep rotating locations)

>Reading: http://www.zmag.org/AWatch/   
>This is a work in progress by a tao member who I think is in NY. He's 
>looking for feedback and comments -- maybe we can give him some after the 
>discussion.  It's called Grassroots Revolutionary Strategy.  The recommended 
>chapters are: 
>Preface and Intro
>The Revelutionary Endeavor
>Holistic Dual Power
>The idea is that we will discuss the theory of dual power, and then we will 
>launch into a discussion that will probably continue on in a separate 
>subcommittee to put the theory into praxis and launch a specific project (s). 
>Look forward to seeing people there.  

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