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Home Depot Day of Action, May 13

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> Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 11:27:15 -0400
> From: Gavin Edwards <gedwards@envirolink.org>
> Subject: ACTION ALERT: Ottawa Home Depot Action this Thursday 13th May

		****** CALLING  ALL  ACTIVISTS ******


- Home Depot are the largest retailer of ancient forest products in the world
- the shelves of three Home Depot's around Ottawa are packed with timber
from B.C.'s rainforests
- Home Depot Canada plans double its number of stores in Canada in the next
three years, forcing small, independently owned stores out of business
- they continue to build big-box stores, contributing to urban sprawl

Join us in support of the campaign against this US multi-national:

PRE-ACTION PLANNING and final preparation. Wednesday, 12th May @ 1pm
Location: Greenpeace: 251 Laurier St. West, Suite 405

DAY OF ACTION: There will be an action at a store in OTTAWA, including a
Dead Rainforest Tour inside the store. Stickers are available for activists
to label ancient forest products in store.

***Thursday 13th May. Meet at the Greenpeace office at 9:30a.m. For more
information, please call the FAN Action Van on cell phone at (604) 760-6028
or email me back!***

Please join us in defense of the worlds last ancient forests,

Gavin Edwards
Forest Action Network


Why Home Depot?
Home Depot is the world's largest retailer of ancient forest products. On
the shelves of their over 700 stores you can find products ripped out of
the heart of every major threatened forest ecosystem on the planet.  Since
1992 they have consistently maintained they are a good environmental
citizen while breaking every commitment they have made to protect ancient
forests.  Now is the time for grassroots activists across the hemisphere
(U.S., Canada and Chile) to unite and show Home Depot that we won't allow
them to profit off the destruction of the world's remaining ancient
forests.   With only 22% of the world's ancient forests left the continued
sale of products derived from this forests is not only barbaric and immoral
but sheer idiocy!  Home Depot must stop!

The Canadian Connection.
Home Depot is growing rapidly here in Canada, with over 40 stores already
open and another 13 scheduled to open throughout 1999, they are fast
becoming Canada's largest retailer of ancient forest products. Across the
nation, Home Depot's are selling:

- Cedar originating from Interfor, the largest logging company logging of
Canada's rainforest. Cedar trees provide key bear denning habitat for the
grizzly, kermode (spirit) and black bears of the Great Bear Rainforest.
- Hemlock, used for door frames made by Sauder Mouldings, a sister company
of Interfor (currently logging the Great Bear Rainforest).
- Numerous other ancient forest products on the shelves of your local Home
Depot, from the endangered Redwoods of Northern California, to Mahogany
products from the Amazon and Lauan/Ramin from SE Asia.

Working together to ban the trade in ancient forest products.
A broad coalition of groups including American Lands Alliance, Earthroots,
Rainforest Action Network, Student Environmental Action Coalition, Free the
Planet, Action Resource Center, Rainforest Relief, Forest Action Network,
Greenpeace, Sierra Student Coalition, Canadian Rainforest Network and
activists in three countries are organizing to make this March 17th a day
that Home Depot will remember.  Activities will range from informational
pickets, in-store rainforest tours and protests to guerrilla theatre, civil
disobedience and non-violent direct action.

More information about the campaign is available at www.homedepotsucks.com
and www.ran.org

If we don't take action to save the world's forests - who will?

Gavin Edwards
Ancient Forest Campaigner

I am on the road until June 19th on the FAN
Canadian Tour. You can contact me via email,
or on cell at: (604) 760-6028

Forest Action Network.
Box 625, Bella Coola, BC  V0T 1C0

Tel. in Vancouver (604) 739-4782


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