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New FAN website highlights national action tour (fwd)

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Subject: New FAN website highlights national action tour
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Hi all,

Today marked the first day of FAN's Action Van tour back across Canada from
Ottawa to Vancouver. Some 20 activists from the Ottawa area took a 'Dead
Rainforest Tour' today in one of Home Depot's Ottawa stores, placing over
200 stickers on ancient forest producst including cedar from Interfor, and
Lauan, Ramin, Mahogany and Redwoods from other endangered forests around
the world. The half hour tour was given via megaphone around the store
while staff looked on bemused. Finally seven police cars arrived on the
scene and threatened to arrest activists, so the tour was disbanded,
activists instead focusing on handing out leaflets to customers.

The FAN Action Van was on site, and digital images taken at the protest
were uploaded to FAN's new home Depot/Action Tour website. You can view the
website at:


On the site you will also find information on the Usual Suspects working
for the demise of B.C.'s forests - Arthur Blank (Home Depot CEO), Bill
Sauder (Interfor), Herb Doman (Doman/Western Forest Products), Hank Ketchum
(West Fraser Timber), and of course Jack Munro & Patrick Moore of the
Forest Alliance.

The tour will wind its way back across Canada in May & June, with stops in
the following communities to organize and work with local activists. Please
pass on the names of any friends and allies you may have in these locations:

May 14-16- Kingston

May 17-27- Toronto, Hamilton, London, St Catharines

June 1-3- Winnipeg

June 5-7- Regina

June 9-11- Calgary

June 12-14- Edmonton

Spread the word - Together we can ensure that Home Depot will soon be
Ancient Forest Free!

- Gavin Edwards
Forest Action Network

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Ancient Forest Destruction at the Home Depot exposed...

Ottawa, ON:  Forest activists from British Columbia's Forest Action Network
and local environmentalists stormed into the Home Depot at 1900 Baseline
Road in Ottawa today, demanding that the company stop retailing wood
products from the world's ancient rainforests, particularly B.C.'s Great
Bear Rainforest.  A team of Ancient Forest Inspectors led local citizens on
a "Dead Ancient Rainforest Tour", while local activists placed 'Product
Warning' stickers on ancient rainforest products.  Customers were invited
to participate and learn about the destruction of the world's rainforests.
The tour wound it's way through the store as inspectors pointed out the
ancient forest origins of many of the products on the shelves and the
environmental devastation associated with each product.  Outside, activists
held a banner reading "Stop Destroying the Great Bear Rainforest" and spoke
to customers.

This protest marks the first stop in a national tour aimed at getting Home
Depot to stop retailing ancient forest products.  It also marks the launch
of FAN's new website (www.fanweb.org),  and pictures from the protest were
loaded onto the Internet directly from the FAN Action Van at the Home

"Today marks the start of a stepped up campaign against the Home Depot in
Canada," said Gavin Edwards, FAN Forest Campaigner.  "We are going across
the country to let them know that destroying the world's last remaining
rainforests for a quick buck is unacceptable.  Our new website will make
certain people around the country and around the world will know what's
happening."  The FAN Action Van has been on the road since late March
educating and organizing citizens across the nation.

The Home Depot is the world's largest retailer of wood and ancient wood
products, with 43 stores in Canada and 757 stores world-wide.  Home Depot
plans to double in size in by 2002, with a stated goal of cornering 25% of
the world Do-it-Yourself market.  In March of this year they stated to the
Rainforest Action Network "(the Home Depot) has never had an old-growth
policy, and never will."  In contrast to the Home Depot, 27 major companies
such as 3M, Nike and Kinko's have committed to eliminating all use of
ancient forest products in their operations.

"Areas like the Great Bear Rainforest in B.C. have less than two decades
left if companies continue to retail wood from the area.  Virtually every
pristine valley is scheduled to be roaded or logged within the next
decade," said FAN National Campaigner Pat Venditti. "If you walk around any
Home Depot store in Ontario you will find wood from Interfor, one of the
worst logging companies in B.C., mahogany doors and mouldings from the
Amazon and Central America, lauan doorskins and ramin dowelling from
SouthEast Asia.  It's a disgrace that the Home Depot continues to retail
such ancient forest destruction."

Contact: Gavin Edwards, FAN Forest Campaigner or
	    Pat Venditti, FAN National Campaigner, on Site: 604.760.6028 (cell)
Check out our NEW website at: www.fanweb.org

Gavin Edwards
Ancient Forest Campaigner

I am on the road until June 19th on the FAN
Canadian Tour. You can contact me via email,
or on cell at: (604) 760-6028

Forest Action Network.
Box 625, Bella Coola, BC  V0T 1C0

Tel. in Vancouver (604) 739-4782


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