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Tuesdays, 5:30pm: Are we "READY 2000"? Plus Y2K Teleconference

Are we "READY 2000"?

Ottawa-Carleton's READY-2000 taskforce says municipal services will suffer
"little or no disruptions" due to y2k. But why are they ignoring
agribusiness? Retail? Transport? orů 

Non-profit groups? 
Of those who use PC's, only 48% use Pentiums required for y2k compliance.
They tend to rely on donated equipment, thus increasing y2k risks. The
social impact of their being unable to serve must be considered. Canada has
over 78,000 registered charities. Government and business must help the
volunteer sector. It employs 1.3M Canadians. (From testimony by the
Coalition for National Voluntary Organizations, 13 May 1999*)

Small businesses? 
These constitute the bottom end of the supply chain for much of large
business, governments, and institutions. They too are severely unprepared. 

Other governments? 
Across Canada, many school districts, water systems, etc. are unprepared,
thus jeopardizing nearby industries which may supply Ottawa residents.

Developing countries? 
80% won't be ready. They provide many critical goods such as oil. Canada is
self-sufficient, but we may still pay much more at the pump. 


The first two are at Centretown Community Health Centre
420 Cooper St., between Bank and Kent
Tuesdays, 18 and 25 May 1999, 5:30-7:30 pm both days

- Ideas on how you, your neighbours, businesses and non-profits can all
prepare together!
- A special focus on food! Did you know food travels, on average, over 2000
km from farm to fork? How resilient is our food chain? If you garden, we
have free seeds, plus a brochure: "A message to Ottawa Valley consumers
about Protecting our Food Supply." 

3rd and final Resilient Communities Teleconference with Robert Theobald
Room 286, 139 Louis Pasteur, University of Ottawa
Thursday, 27 May 1999, 12pm-3pm
Co-sponsored by OPIRG-Ottawa

Together we can make our communities more resilient! 

Call 236-6433, email y2k-ottawa@inode.org. The Y2K Regional Preparedness

*Visit http://y2k.inode.org for transcripts of the May y2k hearings, and
much more!
(may take a day or two to appear).

[The poster for this coming Tuesday has an excellent graphic off our
website by Jim Houghton/HOUR Town, Ithaca, NY. If you wish, we will fax it,
or send an attachment in Word97 with full formatting, or WP6.1 or Word 6.0
with one simple font]

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