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questions for all candidates meetings

Questions for All Candidates Meetings

1.	Will you support the restoration of social housing as a provincial
2.	Will you work for social policy reform which will alleviate the
hardship placed on the poorest and most vulnerable in our community?
3.	Will you work for adequate funding for not-for-profit,
community-based front-line agencies?
4.	Will you and your party commit to a comprehensive network of
effective social services, including social housing, child care, and an
income support?
5.	Will you and your party remove the clawback on the National Child
Care Benefit for persons on social assistance?
6.	Will you and your party rescind the 21.6% soial assistance cut that
is furthering the poverty of persons already in poverty?
7.	Will you strive in discussions about tax cuts to raise the issue of
what kind of society we want to live in and who will pay for it?
8.	Will you make workfare a voluntary program with real job
opportunities and supportive services such as child care and legitimate
9.	How will you support a strategy of full employment and quality jobs?
10.	How will your policies reduce poverty in Ontario, especially for
women who are often the poorest?

1.	How much are you willing to increase funding for Community Care
Access Centres (CCACs), to ensure that appropriate nursing and other
services are available for patients still seriously ill or recovering from
major surgery?
2.	How much are you willing to increase funding for hospitals to
hire/rehire nurses and other health care workers?
3.	How much are you willing to increase funding to ensure proper
residential care for seniors?  (about $300 million is required to reduce
the long waiting lists for entrance to such facilities)
4.	To what extent are you willing to give preference to non-profit
health care services over private, for-profit operations?

1.	Will you support a return to the 1995-96 level of funding for all
school boards in Ontario?
2.	Will you support a return to local taxation for education, capped
at 10 per cent of the provincial allocation for each school board?
3.	Will you support adequate funding for adult education centres,
appropriate programs for students with special needs and community use of
4.	Will you support the linking of changes in curriculum with
appropriate consultations, pre-testing and search for related resources
prior to implementation?

compiled from Fact Sheets from Faith Partners and the Interfaith Social
Assistance Reform Coalition, May 1999

take care,
Heather Farrow

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